The Maasai language is very different from Swahili.  We are able to purchase Bibles for the Maasai people in their language.  These cost approximately $9.75 if we buy 500 at a time, or about $12.00 for 100 or more.

New school started for Maasai Children in January 2018.

The school started with 4 grades. The plan is to expand as the enrollment increases and as funds are available. 

   Daniel from the Maasai area, said that a man was walking on the road, and found a "Earth's Final Warning" magazine, (in Swahili language) lying in the mud.  He picked it up, dusted it off as well as he could, and read it.  He is now attending church each week.  "Earth's Final Warning", and "Behold He Cometh" were shipped in a 40' container to Kenya.  These were provided by Cornerstone Publishing in Washington. 

This is a group of Maasai people at Isojo, Kenya.  To the left is the church that was built by Advent Hope, and in the background, is a 4 room school that was just completed.  As the school grows, the plan is to expand to 8 classrooms.

   Most of the Maasai are nomadic throughout the year.  They live in kraals - small clusters of cow-dung huts that are constructed by the women.  Milk, either fresh or curdled, is the basic Maasai food.  It is often mixed with blood, tapped from a cow's jugular.  When these people accept the gospel, they make dramatic changes in the lives, in their way of eating, in their entire lifestyle. 

This Maasai lady is listening intently to the message of Jesus.

   The Maasai people have a reputation for being a very fierce, primitive people.  They also are very primitive in their spiritual lives.  The Maasia people  that we have met, have been very friendly and warm to us.  They are asking for many more Maasai Bibles.  When we started the work in Kenya 15+ years ago, we met approximately 10 people that were Christians.  Now with the 3 Maasai groups that we work with, there are over 200 people that have become Christians.  They in turn, are beginning to work in other Maasai areas to teach their people about Jesus Christ.  

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