In 2017,  we have been blessed to be able to build 3 churches. "Workers in new territory should not feel free to leave their field of labor till the needed facilities have been provided for the churches under their care. Not only should a humble house of worship be erected, but all necessary arrangements should be made for the permanent  establishment of the church school."  {Ev 380.2}  

Many groups meet under the trees or under a torn piece of plastic to worship, because they have no building.  Under the hot sun, and in the rain, it creates many problems, and keeps many people from coming to the meetings.  Through generous donations, we have been able to build 18 churches for people to worship in.  

   Many more people attend, when their is a church building to come to.  The sun and heat, and the rainy season, keep many people away from church, but when their is a building, no matter how simple it may be, the attendance increases dramatically. 

This is a group at "Highland" waiting for a church.

They are currently meeting under a tree.  

This is "Avocado" Church nearing completion (3/2018).

A metal church costs $5500 plus the cost of the land.  Due to this savings in building metal churches instead of brick churches, Advent Hope will be able to build twice as many churches in 2018.  

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