How vitally important it is for the children to be properly trained.  Many parents are lost to HIV, malaria and other illnesses.  These children need a home, clothes, food and education.  Cost for a child in the orphanage is $30.00/month, for food, clothes and school fees.   

   " Until death shall be swallowed up in victory, there will be orphans to be cared for, who will suffer in more ways than one if the tender compassion and loving-kindness of our church members are not exercised in their behalf. The Lord bids us, "Bring the poor that are cast out to thy house." Christianity must supply fathers and mothers for these homeless ones. The compassion for the widow and the orphan manifested in prayers and deeds, will come up in remembrance before God, to be rewarded by and by."  {ChS 215.5}    "The Lord calls on every member of the church to do your duty to these orphans. Do not, however, work for them merely from the standpoint of duty, but because you love them, and Christ died to save them. Christ has purchased these souls that need your care, and He expects you to love them as He has loved you in your sins and waywardness."  {ChS 216.4} 

There are an estimated 1.2 million orphans in Kenya.  46% of these, are orphaned due to AIDS.  Many others are orphans due to malaria, typhoid fever, and other illnesses and accidents. When we travel, there are children begging in the streets.  There are filthy, hungry children going through the garbage beside the road.  It is a heart breaking site.

   What a responsibility it is to train children.  Please join us in prayer that the Lord will guide the workers at the orphanage.  It is a joy to see the children doing well in school, to see that they are happy and that they get along well with each other.  They are growing physically as well as spiritually.

  The children are sitting behind the boys dorm.  This is evening worship and they have been singing - making the hills of Ibencho echo with beautiful music. 

Highway Orphanage

This is opening day at the new orphanage.  The girls are just arriving.  Enos, our new youth leader, is sitting on the ground in the front. 

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