"I never knew that such a wonderful book existed. Thank you so much for giving me a Bible." Jonathan, from Kilgoris, Kenya

   One of our workers told us that "what happens in America, affects Kenya 1 minute later".  The economy in Kenya is suffering.  Prices have increased, and as a result, the people are struggling to survive.  Kenya has also had an enormous influx of refuges, and that is straining the economy and the food supply.  These struggles are leading many people to realize that their help is not in more money or more food, but only to trust in God. 


Advent Hope Ministries, Inc. was established in 2003 to supply Bibles for Africa.  The majority of people in Africa, regardless of what religion they might be, cannot afford to buy a Bible.  There are a tremendous number of orphans due to HIV and malaria. These children are on the streets, going through garbage to survive.  As a result we currently operate an orphanage and 5 schools.  Much more assistance is needed for the children.  Thousands more Bibles are needed.

People come many miles, to receive Bibles and religious books.  Most of them walk to get these. 

Thousands more Bibles are needed.  Please look at some of the additional pictures on our site, and if the needs touch your heart, contact us.  We do not pay ourselves from the donations.  100% of donations go to Africa.  Your donation is tax deductible. Please click on "How to Donate."  You may donate through your PayPal account, or you will find the address to send a check or money order.  Thank you for your assistance.

These are the children that are in the orphanage.  We currently have 71 children.  There are over 200 children on the waiting list.  A second orphanage was opened in May 2016.  

  Current plans for 2016, include expanding the work of the clinics, to include a laboratory and some hospital services.  The plan is also, to build 3 more churches. 

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